Arcarithm has a unique innovative approach for tackling problems and managing change, providing a faster way to solve problems.

Arcarithm has a superior advanced capability to identify and solve problems much faster than competitive approaches. We are quick to adopt new tools and techniques, with the ability to create innovative solutions where existing methods fall short. Arcarithm delivers a unique approach to the systems engineering process, resulting in greater mission success with higher quality solutions at a lower risk.

  • Full Stack Software Development
    Microservices, MOSA, Front End, Persistent Layer, Software Modernization, SAFe Agile, Model-Based Systems Engineering, Data Engineering
  • Software IV&V
    Static, Dynamic, Process Optimization/Automation, Lab Design & Development
  • DevSecOps
    Unclassified/Classified Systems, Administration, Process Automation, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Version Control, Infrastructure Configuration Management, Infrastructure Orchestration, Cloud Computing, Security+
  • Modeling and Simulation
    Common Digital Simulation Integration Framework, Common Modeling and Simulation Environment, Model Synchronization, Model Federation, Architecture, Data Sharing Methodologies, Big Data, Scaleability, Low Bandwidth, Modeling and Simulation Applications, Federated Simulations, Big Data Analytics using Artificial Intelligence, 3D Rendering, Holographic Display, Application Interface For FOLD, Heterogeneous Display Environments, AEGIS Display System

Arcarithm provides technical, scientific, consultancy and advisory services including the following:

  • Engineering and design in the fields of defense, national security, data analysis, optical systems, sensors, systems engineering and integration, computer software, computer hardware, algorithm development, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, test and evaluation, command and control, and kill vehicle technologies.
  • Testing of computer hardware, plus development and implementation of software and hardware for the purpose of testing electronic components and electronic systems.
  • Testing, analysis and evaluation of the goods and services of others to determine conformity with certification standards.
  • Technical consulting services in the fields of computer software design, military defense equipment design, artificial intelligence research and design, design of computer hardware, and design of kill vehicle technologies.
What our customers are saying

“We don’t have to tell the Arcarithm’s team what to do, they tell us what will work. We expected to find 9 critical issues over the life of the project, the Arcarithm’s team found 27 in the first two weeks.”

– J. Clements, US Army

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