Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are buzz words rampant throughout both the defense and commercial markets that often are used without any regard or true understanding of what those terms mean.

At Arcarithm, we are defining those terms on a daily basis from the big picture distinction between strong and weak, or narrow, AI to the fine-grained focus of deep neural networks versus shallow neural networks. Arcarithm brings a depth of understanding and operational maturity to the table that most companies don’t have either due to lack of experience or too diffuse of a focus. Further, we compete on the same level as multinational corporations such as Google in select deep learning and AI development by controlling the entire development and testing process from end-to-end. This level of knowledge gives us insight into every aspect of algorithm design, training, deployment, and evaluation. Our level of knowledge coupled with our SAFe Agile Development process and quality certifications (CMMI-Level III, AS9100) provide our customers with a level of transparency into our product that is truly rare in most areas. Our commitment to quality and close working relationships with our customers allow us to produce quality products quickly, effectively, and with the highest levels of reliability and accessibility.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of innovative solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

Arcarithm is a HUBZone certified, high tech company providing innovative products, solutions and services to Government and commercial customers in order to give back to the community.

Quality is intrinsic to all we do whether it is for internal or external customers. Our commitment to quality is absolute.

Core Competencies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Command and Control
  • System of Systems Integration
Staff Experience
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software/Hardware Development
  • Test Engineering
Our Values
  • Accountability- Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers
  • Balance- Maintaining Healthy life and work balance for our employees
  • Commitment-Commitment to roll great product, service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization
  • Community- A sense of responsibility and contribution to society that define our existence
  • Diversity- Respecting the diversity and giving the best of the composition
  • Efficiency- Being efficient and effective in our approach to give the best solution every time
  • Empowerment- Empowering the employees to take initiative and give the best
  • Innovation- To come out with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world
  • Integrity-To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth
  • Ownership- Taking ownership of the company and our customer’s success
  • Quality-Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction
  • Respect-Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and growth
  • Service Excellence- Giving the best and world class service and achieving excellence each passing day
Customer Service

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