A novel metamaterial designed using AI to meet next generation requirements for rockets, missiles and other critical applications.

Arcarithm’s Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms, plus a dynamic new metamaterial called EXO-Resin™, offer a rapid prototyping solution for designing components for the next generation of missiles and other critical space applications. EXO-Resin combines advanced AI with a resin-based metamaterial to quickly analyze design needs and recommend a resin/substrate formula that simultaneously tests multiple properties for dramatically reduced development time.

Material Attributes

  • The base resin is extremely resistant to high temperatures.
  • Any number of substrates can be added to the base resin to add new characteristics.
  • Self healing.
  • Structural toughness.
  • EMF/Radiological resistance.
  • Arcarithm AI determines the substrates and concentrations needed to meet requirements.

Rapid prototyping and component production are core characteristics of EXO-Resin. Additive and traditional manufacturing are easily incorporated in the component development process.

Component Development and Procurement Process

  • Identify a component where conventional materials fall short of meeting requirements or an improved design would add value.
  • Provide a spec of the desired component and performance requirements (thermal, structural, radiation tolerance).
  • Arcarithm AI analyzes the requirements and provides a tailored formula of resin and substrate.
  • Arcarithm provides a prototype component using the tailored resin formula for evaluation and transition to production.

EXO-Resin™ Radiological Shielding

A cutting-edge lightweight and low viscosity material tailored to address complex radiation shielding challenges. Lighter than aluminum and steel with enhanced shielding capabilities. Substrates tailored to meet exact shielding needs. Developed as multi-part shields using component 3D scan data and 3D printed molds to cast a shield that matches the targeted area exactly, limiting any chance of leakage.

Material μ/p (@662 keV) Density (lb/ft3) HVL (in) Weight (lb per 1’x1’) Weight (Normalized to EXO-Resin w/Tungsten)
Pb 0.107 709 0.23 13.3 0.89
EXO-Resin (W) 0.097 238 0.75 15.0 1.00
EXO-Resin 0.091 107 1.76 15.7 1.05
Concrete 0.079 144 1.50 17.9 1.20
Steel 0.067 501 0.51 21.3 1.42

EXO-Resin Properties

    109.2 lb/cu ft 22% weight of INVAR 65% weight of Aluminum
  • Density
    1.75 grams/cu cm
  • Dynamic Compressive Yield
    26,106 psi
  • Coefficient of Thermal Exp.
    24.1 x 10-6 in/in °F
  • Tensile Strength
    8,412 psi
  • Corrosion
    None - Hypochlorous Acid @ 2000 ppm
  • Electrical Conductivity
    None (23 MegOhms)
  • Thermal Conductivity
    Ceramic: 0.40 (W/m-K) Aluminum: 1.275 (W/m-K)
  • Fire Resistant
  • Flexural Modulus (at 72°F)
    1.305 x 106 psi
  • Hardness, Shore “D” (at 72°F)
  • Tensile Elongation (at break)
  • Flexural Strength (at 72°F)
    12,700 psi
  • Heat Distortion/Max Temp.
    482°F / 3100°F
  • UV Sensitivity

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