Current Protocols For Managing Drone Risks Fall Short.

Even dedicated security professionals using the best camera system can't provide 100% real-time observation. A pro-active solution is needed to detect drone threats in public areas to allow an effective defense. Exigent-DR, an artificial intelligence-based drone detection capability developed by Arcarithm for the US Army, offers that solution.

Exigent®-DR has the proven ability to autonomously identify drones and automatically alert security resources without a human in the loop.

Exigent®-DR provides a reliable, integrated method to:

  • DETECT — autonomously detects drones against any background, day or night.
  • IDENTIFY — instantly analyzes imagery using AI algorithms to determine type of drone.
  • ALERT — automatically notifies security officials via text message or email showing location and type of drone.
  • TRACK — follows the drone’s location in real time.

Designed for airports, military bases, sports arenas and other outdoor venues. Artificial intelligence-based capability detects drones day or night, at a distance that allows effective security response. Integrates with an EOIR camera system via an artificially intelligent equipped computer. Automatically notifies security resources to provide faster response time and take defensive and offensive action. Tracks the drone location in real time to provide a better defense.

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How Exigent®-DR Works.

Technical Features for Exigent®-DR

Rugged EOIR Sensors – High Resolution Optics with Pan/Tilt and Zoom Capability

EO and IR provide day and night operation even in inclement weather consistent with UAS capabilities, providing 24/365 coverage of areas of interest.

Multimodal data (EO and IR) enable AI-based fusion improving performance over single modalities.

Flexible zoom and high resolution enable detection, ID and tracking at long ranges, enabling response significant (> 3km) ranges based on the size of the UAS.

Optimal Sensor Planning / Scheduling Algorithms – Optimally Plans and Tasks One or More Sensors Simultaneously

Optimal planning of sensor placement and/or mobile paths makes the most effective use of available resources, reducing costs while maintaining performance.

Optimization results in the most effective search, track, and fire control support tasking, minimizing the number of sensors needed and reducing costs.

AI Fusion-Based Detection and Identification – Low False Alarm Rates, High Detection and Identification Accuracy

Dynamically updated prioritized assets enable operators to adapt to changing priorities and mobility operations on-the-fly; adds flexibility.

Highly efficient execution enables real-time operation while minimizing latency and increasing response effectiveness. Ensures maximum search coverage while identifying and tracking UAS and minimizing leaked (unseen and unaddressed) UAS. Concurrently discriminates multiple UAS from common environments and chaff such as birds, insects, and other flying debris with detection and ID rates at or above 90%; ensures rapid, accurate response and minimize risks of engaging friendly or neutral drones.

Low false alarm rates (<1%) ensure effectors engage real threats and are not distracted by false alarms saving costs due to responding to false alarms.

3D Track State Estimation – Reports Position, Velocity and Covariance

Highly effective generalization ensures previously unseen threat types are detected and tracked while eliminating leaked threats.

Passive range estimation based on classification allows operation in the presence of personnel down range without biological damage (e.g., retina damage from lasers).

Distributed or Centralized Operation – Single operations center or multi-vehicle cooperative CONOPs

Reports data back to centralized location or mass notification to multiple listeners.

Supports fixed site or mobile operations, including rapid response setup, increasing flexibility in CONOPs.

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