Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are buzzwords rampant throughout both the defense and commercial markets that often are used without any regard or true understanding of what those terms mean.

At Arcarithm, we are defining those terms on a daily basis from the big picture distinction between strong and weak, or narrow, AI to the fine-grained focus of deep neural networks versus shallow neural networks. Arcarithm brings a depth of understanding and operational maturity that most companies don’t have either due to lack of experience or too diffuse of a focus. Further, we compete on the same level as multinational corporations such as Google in select deep learning and AI development by controlling the entire development and testing process from end-to-end.

Unlike market competitors, Arcarithm’s advanced data processing pipeline provides very large volumes of physical and synthetically generated training data that can improve model performance, to a degree not possible with publicly available image data sets.

  • Video Analytics (Computer Vision)
    Real time and post-processing Detection/Identification of Guns, Manned and Unmanned Aircraft, Commercial and Military Vehicles, Humans
  • Decision Support
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Physical and Synthetic Data Creation and Augmentation
  • Edge and Ruggedized Computers/Sensors
What our customers are saying

“Your solution is more advanced than anything we have seen”

– A.Y., Senior Software Analyst (QuantiTech) PD CRAM, PEO Missiles and Space

“Arcarithm’s data pipeline innovation enables product leaders to accelerate time to production / time to value”

– Gartner, Global Research and Advisory Company

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AI Technology Developed For The US Army.

Current surveillance sensors are inadequate to detect, identify and track Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at a distance that allows effective security response. Even dedicated security professionals using the best sensors can’t provide 100% real-time observation. A pro-active solution is needed to detect UAS to allow an effective security response. Our Artificial Intelligence-based detection system, developed for the US Army, offers that solution.

LATEST ARMY NEWS: Exigent® Aided Target Recognition (AiDTR) Enabled Sensor System Chosen For Project X Demonstration.

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