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Exigent® computer vision software

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Exigent is Arcarithm's AI based automatic target recognition capability to autonomously detect objects of interest and generate alerts in time to save lives and protect resources. From guns, drones and ground based vehicles to virtually any object, Exigent is a powerful tool for AI developers that provides a cost-effective solution for the most difficult computer vision challenges.

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Datasets for Machine Learning Applications

Arcarithm's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computer Vision data provides synthetically produced data for those projects with limited data for AI algorithm training.

This service is designed for global organizations with a need to isolate and classify objects from complex images and video, and perform data mining and pattern recognition across large datasets.

Arcarithm's Data Services uses a proprietary collection process that allows targeted collection of images ‘in the lab’ with complete control of all relevant variables. Unlike targeted collection performed ‘in the wild,’ Arcarithm's process allows active control of variables such as lighting, weather effects and background scenes that cannot be directly controlled when collecting natural images by traditional means.

The Arcarithms' AI Computer Vision data is ideal where complex inputs are needed to feed traditional programming systems that are used to generate insights, provide personalization, predict events, and make probabilistic recommendations at a greater scale than traditional technologies. The synthetic data provided by Archarithms is used to train AI computer vision algorithms to achieve robust performance where speed and accuracy are critical. Unlike data that is crowd sourced or collected from the internet, Arcarithm's synthetic data provides customized data based on thousands of raw or augmented images not readily available.

Synthetic Data Pricing

 Isolated Target Images
Isolated Target Images

Isolated Image with background removed

10K Images

Isolated Target Images With Synthetic Environment
Isolated Target Images With Synthetic Environment

Isolated Image, Background Removed, Superimposed On To Synthetic Environment

50K Images

Fully Augmented Composite Images
Fully Augmented Composite Images

Isolated Image, Superimposed On To Synthetic Environment, Degraded With Synthetic Environmental Effects

50K Images

Notes: Pricing subject to change. If target of interest is not available an additional charge is required.

Phathom® Deep Learning Computer

Our Deep Learning computer is designed specifically for Deep Learning applications. Phathom® uses CUDA capable General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) to exploit the parallel nature of Deep Learning architectures, providing significantly greater performance. Phathom also provides data redundancy and SSD caching to mitigate the common bottleneck of data storage.


Over 12,000 total Cuda Cores
336.5 GB/sec memory bandwidth
48 GB Memory
Over 7 TFLOPS total
Liquid Cooled CPU
64 GB DDR4
Dedicated 250 GB SSD for operating system, compilers and drivers
Data redundancy
Workstation class motherboard with 4-way PCI-E Gen3 x16 Support
OS: Ubuntu 14.04
GPU computing tools:
  • GPU parallel computing platform and application programming interface
  • C/C++ libraries for accelerated matrix algebra, convolution etc.
  • NVCC compiler

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