Defense Applications
Defense analysts achieve full data exploitation at the speed of relevance with Alchemy's intelligent automation tools.
  • Alchemy's adaptable natural language algorithms adapt to agency specific jargon by design.
  • Alchemy's modular design and microservice architecture allow it to integrate with existing defense systems and frameworks.
  • Automated query generation combs petabyte size databases for relevant information enabling rapid data exploration.
  • Integrated feedback and solution tracking allows Alchemy to improve over time to better support the mission space.
Healthcare Markets
Alchemy allows enterprise-scale healthcare providers to optimize vast amounts of data from disparate sources to improve provider performance, care management and consumer engagement.
  • Alchemy understands data needs from data users across the spectrum from support staff to doctors.
  • Automated query generation allows for the quick location of patient records and key medical history.
  • Automated solution finding improves the patient experience by taking them to the information they need when they need it.
  • Integrated solution tracking allows health care providers to see what information is needed and who is accessing it.
Intelligence Community
Intelligence agencies and operatives maximize information exploitation through Alchemy's automated data search tools.
  • Alchemy's natural language processor allows for categorical data searches that enable rapid retrieval of relevant intelligence for specialized mission support.
  • Automated data retrieval and finding tools allow analysts to spend more time using intelligence data and less time finding and acquiring it.
  • Modular designs and microservice architectures allow Alchemy to integrate with existing, multi-faceted intelligence platforms in record time.
  • Alchemy's rapid data retrieval tools allow analysts to discover trends and cross-domain connections that are critical to national security.

Alchemy is an advanced data management and mining solution that applies sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to translate common, every-day language into actionable database queries to provide access to critical data across the spectrum of experience levels.

Figuring out how to analyze big data is a serious challenge for enterprises. There is simply too much information to sort through and not enough talent to manage it - 10% of available data is analyzed on average. Unstructured data doesn't fit neatly into the traditional row and column structure of relational databases and represent the majority of data available in the actual world. Unstructured data is messy and hard to manipulate - 74% of data analysts feel overwhelmed when working with data. Data-centric organizations have massive amounts of unstructured data: more than 10 billion files. Arcarithm’s Alchemy provides an efficient, effective data-agnostic solution to provide accurate, actionable query results to tap the hidden potential of unused big data resources.

Current Protocols For Data Analytics Fall Short

Most people are not skilled in SQL or Boolean search and cannot access needed information from big data. Business intelligence powered by data analytics requires trained data professionals to correctly input queries and understand results - training to do this takes a long time. Search solutions are simply ill-equipped to effectively analyze structured and unstructured data sources using traditional methods.

Alchemy, Arcarithm’s Natural Language Processing Algorithms offers a solution for accessing data.

  • Automated analysis of digitized textual and speech data for context and meaning.
  • Predictive analytics and metrics for process tracking and trend analysis.
  • Support for spoken or typed data requests.
  • Automatic identification of relevant databases.
  • Fully modular deployment strategy to simplify upgrades and enhancements.
  • Flexible visualization tools for novice and expert data users.
  • Reduces time and complexity - simple data requests process and execute in seconds.
  • Visualization tools reduces user burden - user experience centered design makes the interface intuitive.
  • Flexible to expedite analysis and actionable task generation - data exploration and extraction through intelligent automation.
  • Lightweight API provides easy installation - API for integration with enterprise alert and visualization services.
  • Modular plugins and component interfaces follow industry best practices to save fielding cost and time.

Alchemy consists of three components.

Interface Plugins

Decompose and process natural language inputs.

Efficient AI

Translates the text, analyzes the context and decomposes into database queries.

Data Delivery and Actionable Task Generation

Interfaces with existing database architectures, obtains and display the results to the user in seconds.

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