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AI Technology Developed For The US Army.

Current surveillance sensors are inadequate to detect, identify and track drones at a distance that allows effective security response. Even dedicated security professionals using the best sensors can’t provide 100% real-time observation. A pro-active solution is needed to detect drones to allow an effective security response. Our Artificial Intelligence-based detection system, developed for the US Army, offers that solution.

LATEST ARMY NEWS: Aided Target Recognition (AiDTR) Enabled Sensor System Chosen For Project X Demonstration.

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Exigent®-GR Feb 19, 2020 | Business Alabama

AI technology developed for US Army puts Arcarithm in Edge Computing Market for autonomous gun recognition.

AI-based Gun Detection Camera known as Exigent®-GR minimizes the time to identify a person with a gun, and implement immediate action to secure the building, as well as send mass notifications to security resources.

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AiDTR Test Image Feb 7, 2020 |

Arcarithm says Army demonstration of sensor system successful.

Huntsville-based Arcarithm says it successfully demonstrated its Aided Target Recognition (AiDTR) enabled sensor system, known as Exigent, for the U.S. Army last week.

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Truck detected by AiDTR enabled sensor system. Feb 7, 2020 | Business Alabama

Arcarithm Reports Successful US Army Demonstration For AI-based Exigent® AiDTR Enabled Sensor System.

Demonstration to US Army’s Project Quarterback Project Office illustrates effectiveness of Arcarithm’s AI solution for Aided Target Recognition (AiDTR) Enabled Sensor System to increase probability of threat detection with reduced false alarm rates.

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