Feb 7, 2020

Arcarithm Reports Successful US Army Demonstration For AI-based Exigent® AiDTR Enabled Sensor System.

 AiDTR Test Image

Huntsville, AL — Arcarithm™ successfully demonstrated its Aided Target Recognition (AiDTR) enabled sensor system known as Exigent® to the US Army last week. The first of its kind demonstration was a validation of the company’s leading-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer vision technology for battlefield support.

The Army demonstration showed how Exigent uses AI to continuously scan a battlefield for adversarial threats, and automatically detect, identify, track and alert the warfighter of threats.

“The AiDTR demonstration was very successful in both day and night-time operations detecting and identifying targets of interests,” said Randy Riley, Arcarithm President/CEO. “We appreciate the confidence placed in Arcarithm that allowed us to demonstrate Exigent, and it’s gratifying to know the technology performed well,” he said.

The Exigent demonstration successfully achieved these objectives:

— Collecting video of targets at diverse ranges and angles

— Collecting video of cluttered backgrounds

— Detecting and classifying target at ranges up to 3km in real time

— Identifying various targets: civilians, commercial vehicles, and armored vehicles

— Logging and delivering detections, classifications (armored vs. unarmored), identifications, and confidence levels for post processing

— Collecting and assessing performance metrics

The Arcarithm demonstration included several distinct components and processes:

— Setting up Exigent in the field in less than one hour.

— Exercising Exigent in 166 different cases (88 Infrared cases, 78 visible cases) of diverse ranges, aspect angles, target motion, and target types.

— Providing the Army with video, detection/identification logs, sensor logs, test logs within 15 minutes of test completion.

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Arcarithm is a proven leader in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for commercial and defense markets. Founded in 2012, Arcarithm proprietary machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and expert systems solutions range from individual products to turnkey platforms. Arcarithm has successfully used AI to automatically detect manned and unmanned aircraft, guns, tanks, people, automobiles and military vehicles.

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